We offer multiple different options for 7/8 handlebar risers as some of our handlebar mounts also have somewhat of a rise on them.  If you are wondering what the difference is between handlebar risers and handlebar mounts the simple way to put it is that handlebar mounts are fitted by the main bolt holding it onto the triple clamp which will be either a 10 or 12 mm bolt. Please note before purchasing double-check if you have 7/8 handlebars or Fatbars and if your bike has a 10 or 12 mm bolt. The handlebar clamp risers go into your existing handlebar mounts and provide a rise that way.

Motorcycle handlebar risers are used to increase the height of your handlebars so that taller riders are provided a more comfortable riding position and can be used on all KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki motorbike or ATV.  These are very big in motocross as having a riser kit that raises the bars slightly can help a taller person corner faster as they will be able to increase the height of their leg in the corner and therefor get in and out of the corner faster.  All Clamp kits are OEM fitment and are sold with the needed spacers to suit each ATV or dirtbike.