As winter rolls around at the temperature starts to dip, the prospect of getting out for a ride on your motorcycle starts to become a little less appealing. Being exposed to the elements is one of the most unfortunate aspects of motorbike riding, but you can improve the experience on your ride with a set of heated dirt bike grips. Whether you are a hardened scooter commuter, or just keen to press on with your long planned Harley Davidson group ride, having a set of hot grips at the end of your handlebars is high on most riders wish lists.

Here at MXstore, as well as Australia's largest range of motocross and dirt bike accessories, we also stock a range of grip heaters to be put to use on your Honda, KTM or Kawasaki machine. Oxford Products produce several models of hot grips: The Oxford Premium Touring, Premium Sports and Premium Adventure Oxford Hot Grips. These grip kits ensure you have hot hands on the coldest of rides, but offer 5 heat settings so as to not cook yourself to a heat demon degree. As well as the Oxford Hot Hands grip warmers, we also have a clever option from Ballards that can be used on a variety of bikes and their existing handlebar grips. The Ballards grip heaters slot in under your standard OEM or aftermarket overgrips and produce a comforting level of warmth.