Everyone who lives for the offroad motocross or enduro scene knows that there is nothing better than treating yourself to a brand new exhaust system or slip-on silencer for your machine. When you've dug deep to get yourself a new FMF Exhaust or Pro Circuit exhaust we recommend browsing through this section of the website in case you decide to replace your OEM exhaust springs or get yourself some extra exhaust hardware to add to your riding gear. We have a range of exhaust hardware kits to suit 2 stroke exhaust header pipes, with o ring kits and heat shields for a large field of motorcycles. Grabbing yourself some fresh gaskets and a new spring kit can benefit regarding the mitigation of exhaust leaks. We also show exhaust accessories and tools such as spring pullers and muffler plugs to add to the wishlist! 

Exhaust Pipes fitment is super important and needs to be secured correctly to prevent any unwanted exhaust leaks. Exhaust leaks can cause a change in the backpressure through the motorcycle engine and change the characteristics of the engine performance negatively. Fitting these exhaust accessories can be as important as using engine oil in the bike or wearing goggles out on the track, to be sure to check out some of the new products we offer such as pipe springs or new gaskets. The exhaust springs are made from high-quality stainless steel to prevent rust or any form of failure in the crystalline structure, ensuring you are safe to take the bike anywhere with confidence.