When changing your engine oil on any off-road motocross or enduro machine you always need to take out your oil drain plug to discard the used motor oil and sometimes oil filters. We offer a large variety of oil drain bolts in many thread sizes to ensure we hold enough stock to suit as many bike fitments as we can. Magnetic drain bolts are an affordable and easy OEM replacement for you to keep an eye on the amount of internal engine wear upon each oil change. Most of the brands we offer such as Ballards, RHK, and Zeta provide a high-quality magnetic oil drain plug washer. Drain plug bolts often get worn out and the thread starts to loosen over time, we recommend using the bike finder tool on the homepage of the website to identify the correct fitments for your machine and view the range of CNC machined anodised colours suitable to your KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda or Suzuki!

Some of which, include a copper crush washer to ensure the tightest seal possible when draining and replacing the engine oil. Anodized magnetic drain plugs can be easily complimented with matching bling pieces all around your dirt bike with smaller pieces such as handlebars rotating bar clamps, oil filter covers, oil filler cap, engine casings and so many more. Drain plugs need to be applied correctly and fastened tight to ensure there is no leakage around the seal. Due to gravity and the engine's internal combustion the seal at the lower drain plug is under immense pressure and will be the first point of oil seepage. Be sure to use the OEM washer if the new replacement magnetic drain plug does not provide one. Be sure to add one of these affordable bling bits to your shopping cart and keep your bike running perfectly to ride more!