Replacing your OEM dirt bike parts can be an exciting time and even smarter investment for your machine. One of the most critical systems on a motocross or enduro off-road machine can be the radiator cooling system. Dirt bike radiators are a vital component of any modern off-road machine and the holding zone for the coolant. Motorcycle radiators sit at the forefront of the dirt bike and are susceptible to rocks and roost from other riders. We offer a large range of complete radiators for a substantial range of KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki machines!

Kustom Hardware offer a high quality product to replace your OEM radiators as well as provide a new aftermarket look for your dirt bike. We also stock a large number of radiator braces, radiator guards, Radiator caps and radiator hose kits to fit your standard and aluminum radiators. For some models of enduro dirt bikes such a the KTM EXC range and the Yamaha WR range an optional cooling fan kit offered by trail tech can replace the standard plastic louvers.

These complete radiator kits are one of the new products you should consider for your motorbike next time you are chasing some new chain and sprockets, seat covers, or a set of goggles for your next outing!