Tuff Jug has grown to be a popular name in the fuel can world over the past 10 years. With the easy to use quick fill, auto shut off “Ripper Cap” system and the ultra heavy duty plastic jug, Tuff Jug Fuel Cans will outlast and outperform just about any other system on the market.
Also available from Tuff Jug are a range of Accessories, including seals, attachments to fit certain bikes, breather vents and complete Ripper Caps, so if it does accidentally bounce around in the back of your ute or van and something breaks, it can be fixed! And If you aren’t a fan of the quick fill Ripper Cap, you can replace it with the quick fill hose and cap kit. 
The latest release from Tuff Jug is their Quick Cap, which replaces your original fuel cap and has a spring loaded automatic shut-off which is designed to work in conjunction with the Ripper Cap. All you do is pop off the dust cover and push the Tuff Jug down inside it, it’s that easy!