When you got a start in the MX game back in 1989, you're going to know a thing or two. Works Connection have that history, but the other thing that goes on in this world is keeping up with the latest and greatest technologies. Never one to rest on their laurels and success that they have achieved, these guys continue to develop and bring to the general riding public many of the innovations that are typically just out of reach and only in the hands of the factory teams as they push for every advantage on the racetrack.
When the Factory Yamaha team rolled out the YZ250's of supercross superstar Jeremy McGrath and Tim Ferry back in the late 90's, they took the industry by storm with the first Holeshot Devices. Designed to help get their riders to get a better drive out of the gate and to the ever-important first corner first, the success and science behind them led other teams to jump on the Start Device bandwagon without hesitation.
You will find an array of Holeshot Devices available nowadays, with a variety of designs that all other pros and cons. Works Connections Pro Launch Holeshot Devices offer a patented magnetic engagement system, which sees the simple system that was developed many years ago, now at a pinnacle of user-friendly operation as well as performance.