Now when it comes to fork seal kits we have a lot to offer for all KYB, Showa and WP forks but one of our most popular heavy-duty options is our SKF Fork Seals. SKF fork seals can be found under your bike fitment on our website but remember if you didn't buy the bike brand new the fitment of fork seal kits goes off if you have OEM forks and not if you have a KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Husaberg, Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki.  SKF fork seals are sold as a kit with both the oil seal and dust seal included but only for one side of the fork so you will need to buy two packs if you are wanting to replace both forks. SKF seals have been used throughout the motocross, enduro and off-road industry for many years and are known for their great products.  

To make sure your SKF fork seal kit is kept in good condition use our Motion Pro seal wiper or Seal Doctor scraper that connects to your fork leg to clean out any unwanted dirt so that your motorcycle fork can work at its full potential.  These are also a great product to chuck on your wishlist or add to your next shopping cart as they are very inexpensive and will work wonders.