Sidi Boot Spares are one of the main things that make the Sidi Boot range so damn impressive - you can literally replace nearly every single part on these beauties! And whether that's due to wear and tear, which you will get on any motocross boots that get enough hours to put through them, or simply because you want to make them look colourful, the almost endless range of spares available for Sidi MX boots is insane. We know the hassle that comes with having to replace your beloved motocross boots when they're starting to look like they've seen better days, so being able to give them a freshen up and prolong their beautiful life for a fraction of the cost is a truly wonderful thing!

You've got a full range of coloured boot buckles, coloured straps in all different lengths, replacement hinges and pivots, replacement toe caps, soles, liners, screws, even shin plate covers! Honestly, you could practically build your own set of boots from the number of spares Sidi have on offer, so if you do have some parts that a looking a little worn on your Sidi's, make sure you check out the full range of Sidi Spares we have available and see what we've got for you. All orders over $20 will qualify for free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia, so that makes life easy for everyone. Enjoy browsing our range of Sidi Spare's legends, and as always, Ride Safe!