POD Knee Brace Parts are one of the main reasons why POD Knee Braces are considered some of the very best in the action sports market. The wear and tear on components of the braces like the padding and cushioning, as well as the hinges, is inevitable - you could be wearing these things four or five times and week and putting some serious hours through them. The beauty of a set of Pods though, means you can simply replace these more perishable components on the braces as you need, rather than having to fork out for an entire new set of braces. The frame and housing of the brace itself is virtually indestructible, so why would you want to invest money into buying a new set when you can simply replace the parts that see the wear and tear?

MXstore stocks replacement and spare parts for all of the K-Series of knee braces. Got yourself a set of premium POD K8 Carbon braces that could do with some refurbishing? We've got you covered - head on over to the POD K8 Knee Brace Parts and check out what you need. Shop anything over $20 and we'll be sending whatever you need to you with absolutely free shipping! We also offer an MXexpress shipping method, which is overnight delivery to almost anywhere in Australia (be sure to check your postage times). So if you're after some spare parts for your knee braces, MXstore is your one-stop shop for anything you need.