POD K8 Knee Brace parts are just what you need if you're looking to freshen up your set of K8 Carbon Knee Braces! The beauty of these braces is that the majority of the components that are more susceptible to general wear and tear over prolonged periods of use are completely replaceable. Rather than digging deep into your pockets to get an entirely new set of braces, you can simply replace the padding, the ligaments, the hinges, and every other small part that you may need to freshen up! Definitely a lot more friendly on the budget, meaning your investment into some of the best knee braces money can buy will last you for a serious amount of time, as the frames of the brace should last as long as you! 

Any orders over the $20 mark will qualify you for free shipping anywhere in the country, and if you're in dire need of your K8 Knee Brace parts and need to get them to you fast, be sure to check out our MXexpress postage options for the fastest shipping available in the country. While we do our best to stock the most comprehensive range of spare parts possible, there may be something you're after that we don't have listed on our site - don't stress, get in touch with our customer service team on 1300 871 290, or email enquiries@mxstore.com.au, and we'll do everything we can to get our hands on the parts you're after, so you can give you knee braces the loving you deserve!