One downside to getting out for a ride on your dirt bike is the inevitable chore of cleaning your bike in an attempt to return it to it's original lustre. Thankfully, that task of cleaning your motorbike after an off road ride has been made easier thanks to MotoMuck cleaning products. Motomuck Cleaner is a high quality bike cleaner that cuts through the dirt and old grime that clings onto your bike with little to no effort, and a jet of water from your high pressure cleaner. Available in a 1 litre spray bottle to help get into the tight fiddly bits or a larger 5 litre option that can be paired up with Motomuck's aftermarket spray attachment. Motomuck is an acid free cleaner, so you can be assured your trusty steed's aluminium frame and disc brake pads will suffer no ill effects. Whether you are cleaning your road bike or your motocross machine, Motomuck should be high on your wishlist when it comes to cleaning products. Once you have finished your clean, Motomuck leaves a protective layer on your bikes plastics, with this protective film making future cleaning easier.