The name Michelin is renowned worldwide as a high end manufacturer of tyres and tyre accessories. Since bursting onto the tire scene back in 1889, these guys have known what's up when it comes to all things rubber. Here at MXstore we stock a wide range of Michelin tires, and whether you are needing something for motocross, enduro, trail riding, desert racing or with a bit of road use thrown in, we've got you covered. As well as the popular Starcross range, we stock the Sirac dual sport tires as well as AC10 enduro tyres. As well as tires, we stock an assortment of Michelin bib mousse tubes. These foam tubes replace the need for conventional tubes inside your tire to remove the risk of a flat tire in rugged riding. Many mousse's can offer various feels to replicate an inner tube tire pressure equivalent, so the overall ride and feel of your dirt bike isn't hindered. 

As well as mousse tubes and tyres, here at MXstore we other all the parts and accessories that you might need when upgrading or replacing these parts on your bike. Check out our range of tyre levers and tyre changing machines, to help you bang out tyre changes at high speed. As well, we have the rim locks and lubes to help ensure the perfect fit can be achieved effortlessly. Also check out our many other brands of tires including Dunlop, Goldentyre, Pirelli and many more.