When it comes to casual wear in the Aussie MX scene, Jetpilot has been there from nearly the beginning. Launching out of California in 1986 by creating technical wetsuits, vests and apparel for the rapidly growing Jet Ski market, Jetpilot didn't take long to bring their products and vibe down under. Taking their name as a fusion of Jet Ski and moto pilots (a term which motocross racers were regarded as in the 80's European racing scene) Jet Pilot was born from a bit of a blend of watersport and dirt bike heritage. 

Jetpilot has long supported the moto scene in Australia, sponsoring icons such as Jono Porter and Troy Carroll in both their racing and FMX ventures. Jetpilot pretty much introduced stand alone FMX comps to Australia, bringing FMX to the early Australian Planet X events. As well as individual athletes, Jetpilot has strived to give back to the moto scene by way of events and activities, launching mini bike race series around the country. Nowadays they have very much strengthened their reputation in the watersports realm, sponsoring world class wakeboarding, PWC and BMX athletes. Here at MXstore we stock a large range of Jetpilot apparel, as it's great quality and let's you live comfortably off your bike. Check out their latest Jetpilot shirts, Jetpilot boardshorts, walkshorts, hoodies that we stock for the guys. As well, there are super comfy leggings, shorts and long sleeve shirts for the ladies. And don't forget our range of Jetpilot hats and accessories, including wallets, travel and gear bags. Plenty of items that can fill up your loved one's wish list in the lead up to any special occasion.