There's an unfortunate situation brought about by having nice motorcycle, and that's the fact that there's people out there who might want to take your hard earned purchase off of your hands. To combat this unfortunately increasing crime, a visual and effective theft deterrent device is a must have. Typical anti-theft solutions such as disc locks and heavy duty chains have been seen as the easiest ways to offer maximum protection, but can prove time consuming and cumbersome to lug about when on your motorbike. Grip-Lock motorcycle locks are a quick and easily affixed visible deterrent, working by securely engaging your front brake lever by clamping it to the motorbike handlebar.  A bright neon waterproof casing wraps around 4 steel cores to create an exceptionally effective security lock. These handlebar locks can be easily stored on your bike and can be secured to your bike in under 10 seconds - an easy process that will ensure you make use of it at all times.