Fox body armour offers a huge range of moto protective gear for your upper rig region that may prevent you from being slightly to severely injured in the event of an unfortunate stack. Fox is renowned for being one of the safest brands on the moto market and are trusted by a lot of riders due to their solid reputation that they've had since their inception in 1974. Available for both the adults and kids alike and at a range of varying price-points, you'll be sure to find a piece of Fox body armour to suit your needs!

Fox Proframe body armour is popular due to its ability to fit all body types through its adjustable back plate (which is also removable to turn into chest plate only), buckle system on the chest plate, and adjustable shoulder straps (which can be used with or without a neck brace). This one-of-a-kind roost guard is 100% compatible with a neck brace with a low profile fit. Proframe body armour is available for the adults and kids with an epic line-up of colourways and statement designs.

Fox Raptor body armour will have you fully covered with extensive full wrap body coverage via plastic side panels. This bit of armour is unmatched when it comes to the level of coverage it offers. It may sound super restrictive but this bit of gear is designed to keep you mobile and moving. With adjustable and removable shoulder and bicep coverage as well as being neck brace compatible with an adjustable front plate, this armour ticks all the boxes when it comes to investing in your safety. 

Fox R3 body armour / roost protector is the perfect under garment to wear to give you that roost deflection that you want on a full day of rugged riding. A streamlined, lightweight design hugs your body for that comfortable lightweight feel. Premium features such as chrome shoulders and epic graphics make this bit of gear a stand-out when you're in the market for some body armour. Available in men's, women's, and children's sizing for that personalized fit for the whole family.