Fox Body Armour offers a huge range of moto protective gear for your upper rig region that works hard to keep your body protected in the event of an unfortunate stack. Fox is renowned for being one of the safest brands on the moto market and are trusted by a lot of riders due to a solid reputation that they've enjoyed since their inception in 1974. Available for both adults and kids alike and at a range of varying price-points, you'll be sure to find a piece of Fox body armour to suit your needs!

Fox Raceframe Body Armour is a popular option due to its versatility across the different options available. The Raceframe Roost, Raceframe Impact CE, and Raceframe Impact D3O variations offer differing levels of protection at different price points. The soft-back D3O version is perhaps the most popular of the 3, with impact-absorbing D3O armour in the back proving CE-level coverage while still allowing you the freedom of movement needed to ride your dirt bike. With a range of colour options available across the lineup, the Raceframe collection is one of the favourites when it comes to Fox Body Armour.

Another of the more popular lines of Fox Body Armour is the Fox Titan Body Armour. With differing designs across the Titan armour range, Fox has the whole family covered. From the Titan Peewee armour for the smallest rippers out there, right up to the Titan Jacket armour suits that offer maximum coverage and protection to the rider, these are well worth a look if you're in the market for some new Fox Body Armour.

Fox R3 body armour / roost protector is the perfect under garment to wear to give you that roost deflection that you want on a full day of rugged riding. A streamlined, lightweight design hugs your body for that comfortable lightweight feel. Premium features such as chrome shoulders and epic graphics make this bit of gear a stand-out when you're in the market for some body armour. Available in men's, women's, and children's sizing for that personalized fit for the whole family.