Fox R3 body armour will keep the roost out of your nest with its boss deflection ability like no other. Shiny high end features such as chrome shoulders and stylish graphics will make you a stand-out on the track. Super light polycarbonate back, shoulder, and chest construction makes this gear nice and lightweight for that barely there feel. With an option to remove or adjust the padded arm guards, and adjust the shoulder connections, this MX body armour provides a super personalised fit for that comfort factor that everyone wants for a full day of riding.

Available in women's, men's, and children sizes this gear will appeal to the whole family. Plus, we're happy to announce that ther colour options available besides pink for the ladies if it's not a colour you like running all the time. We often get feedback here at MXstore that womens MX gear only ever comes in pink, so we love it when brands release gear in other colours! Check out the full range of R3 body armour today for a solid roost deflector that will serve you well for seasons to come.