The radiators on your off road moto are one of the few exposed and somewhat fragile parts found on modern dirt bikes.  Their position puts them in the firing line whenever you might be tearing through the bush and foreign objects can come in contact with the radiators. Even just having a slight tip over at lower speeds can some times see them damaged and see you slugged with an expensive fix.  To add an additional layer of protection and support a good idea is to throw on a set of radiator guards. Here at MXstore we stock a large range of guards and pieces to protect your pride and joy. One of the larger ranges of protective items from your bike is from Force Accessories. Made in Australia, their range offers an assortment of Force radiator guards, billet radiator guards, Force bash plates, case savers, pipe guards and more. When it comes to the range of Force Accessories radiator guards, these well built items feature a grill design that ensures minimal reduction to the linear air flow into your radiators as well as great protection for minimal weight increase. As well, most guards also feature substantial rear bracing that combines to increase the fold back strength. Whether you are on a KTM, Yamaha or Husqvarna enduro machine, or cutting laps on your Honda or Kawasaki MX'er, a set of Force Accessories radiator guards are a worthwhile add on.