Fly Racing F-2 helmets are your top-of-the-line, premium helmet option that can handle anything you throw its way. Designed for the most aggressive of riding, these things will pack a punch and come out unscathed. The main focus on the F2 range was on making it super safe and ultra-light. We think they did one hell of a job with this thing weighing in next to nothing with its carbon fiber and Kevlar composite shell. The effectiveness of safety gear often comes down to fit. Even the most expensive helmets on the market can fail if they don't fit properly which is why Fly has made this helmet available in 3 shell sizes and 4 EPS sizes for a super precise fit making it as safe as possible. 

Whether you're riding in warm or cold conditions, this adaptable MX helmet can be adjusted to suit your needs. An optional carbon fiber intake vent wing increases the direction of airflow on the front vents, and a cold weather kit has a breath guard and plug kit. A super comfy Coolmax comfort liner and cheek pad gets rid of unwanted sweat efficiently and keeps your face cool and dry. When the interior starts getting manky you have the ability to remove and wash it for a good freshen up.

Check out the full range of F2 helmets today to learn more about how lightweight, safe, and durable this bit of head protection is. It may just save your life!