Fly Racing Trekker helmets have a unique dual-sport design that has the best of both worlds - motocross and road. Avoid the hassle of two helmets for your road and dirt-bike adventures and get one that can do it all and go with you anywhere! Why take up room in your garage or designated moto gear area in your home or backyard with two helmets causing clutter and being a nuisance. The Fly Trekker helmet is one of the most versatile helmets on the market and can even accommodate MX goggles when the shield is in open or closed positions. 

This MX helmet is all about airflow with its well-thought-out ventilation system that has a total of 16 vents that help to keep you cool and ride in comfort. Adjustable vents on the mouthpiece, brow, and rear will help get a custom ventilation to suit your riding conditions. The durability on one of these things is all-time with its D.O.T and ECE Approved Advanced Poly Alloy shell that is super tough yet nice and lightweight. 

We could harp on about the features forever but it won't do it any justice. Check out the full range of Trekker helmets today to learn more about this unique species of head protection that will cop a beating and last you through the seasons no matter where your adventures take you.