In 1988, Camelbak came into being when founder Michael Eidson thought there was a better way to stay hydrated throughout a 100 mile bicycle race than the typical biker drink bottles and refuel stops. Filling an IV bag with water and sticking it into the back of his jersey, the very first, very ramshackle Camelbak came into being. Over many years now Camelbak has grown to become one of the biggest names in the hydration pack and water bottle game, with their packs having been refined for activities from running, trekking, mountain bike and motorcycle riding right through to first aid attendants, military combat and war time support. 

Here at MXstore we stock a solid range of Camelbak daypacks which feature easy to refill Camelbak Crux reservoir hydration bladders from 1.5 litre to 3 litres in size. These hydration backpacks range from the Camelbak Hydrobak, up to the larger Camelbak M.U.L.E, Lobo and Hawg models. Camelbak's sturdy and reliable bite valve helps ensure that the precious contents of your pack are only allowed to flow at the appropriate moments, and the water bladders are up to withstanding the beating dished out to your motorbike tyres. We also stock a range of spare parts and cleaning products to make sure your pack can be maintained easily. As well the range allows storage for vital multi tools and accessories, a requirement high on the wishlist of most wearers. Here at MXstore any Camelbak packs that end up in your shopping cart qualify for free delivery Australia wide, so rest assured wherever you adventure will take you, we're here to back you up.