When you are the largest tyre manufacturer in the world, then it would be safe to assume that you know a thing or two about tyres. Thankfully this opinion rings true when it comes to Bridgestone's range of off road motorcycle tyres. The Bridgestone name has long been associated with some of the fastest motocross and supercross riders of the last 40 years, thanks to their high level of performance and reliable construction. The Japanese manufacturer has targeted the hardcore enduro rider with the latest addition to the Battlecross lineup, the Bridgestone Battlecross E50 FIM spec front and rear tyres. The Bridgestone E50 is an enduro tire developed on the back of significant research and development in both enduro competitions as well as Bridgestone's long motocross experience. The Battlecross E50 tyres have been designed featuring a broad spectrum tread pattern to spread the effective knobby placement, bunker technology to offer a traction "dent" in the tyre tread and improved block rigidity to minimise tyre deformation under load. 

Australian dirt bike legend Geoff Ballard has been testing these Bridgestone tyres and has been left impressed. "We think it’s an excellent tyre and compared to the harder carcass one they do we rate it quite a bit higher for the area we ride mostly and that’s quite tight and technical trails. It really climbs hills well and seems to wearing OK for how soft the compound is." The Bridgestone developers have worked hard to ensure that balance of ensuring cornering grip, sidewall rigidity and performance across both hard pack and soft terrain, all the while adhering to FIM regulations. Like other tyres in the Bridgestone range like the Battlecross X30 range, the E50 features Bridgestone's convex shaped castle block technology to maximise the edge effect of the tyre. 

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