Atlas Air Neck Braces are one of the heavy hitters when it comes to adult neck braces in the motocross industry. Built upon the success of previous Atlas neck brace models, the Atlas Air lineup offers some of the most sophisticated technologies we've seen in neck braces to date. Split Flex Frames and Chest Suspension are some of the key safety features that stand out in the Air Neck Brace line, although you'll want to take some time to jump onto the product pages for an in depth look at the features on offer in these braces. We guarantee you will not be left wanting, and in the unfortunate event of an accident or fall, you'll be damn thankful you made the investment when you grabbed yourself an Atlas Air Brace!

Now, neck braces are perhaps one of the newest pieces of protective equipment in the MX market. Helmets and boots have been around since the beginning, but Neck braces are relatively new in the scheme of things, and as such, there may be some misinformation or confusion in the industry as to what the neck brace offers and why you should wear one. We decided to invest some resources into putting together our very own MXstore Neck Brace Buying Guide to dispell some myths and fears that some people may hold against neck braces. Be sure to jump on and give it a read, and we're pretty confident that if you currently aren't a fan of neck braces, you might just be singing a different tune. These things save lives, and the Atlas Air Neck Braces are some of the best braces available, so grab one for yourself and your loved ones today. Ride Safe legends!