Atlas Body Armour may not be one of the most well known brand categories in the motocross market, but that's not to say it's not a damn decent range of protection! The Atlas brand has made its name on high quality products that provide the ultimate protection, and their body armour lineup is certainly no exception. Relatively small compared to other brands body armour offerings, the Atlas armour range focuses on lightweight under protection, designed to be worn under the jersey. With several different options available, including sleeveless and full upper body suit, this kind of thing is extremely handy for those warmer months where you're trying to cut back on the big and bulky and stick with a lightweight kit to ensure maximum airflow.

The end game of all kinds of body armour is providing impact protection whilst riding the dirt bike, and the Atlas range offers exactly that. Depending on the kind of riding you're into, this could very well be the perfect armour for your lineup. Check out the range of Atlas Body Armour at MXstore now and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $20 to absolutely anywhere in Australia! Don't take any chances with flying rocks and roost, and ensure you're padded up with a set of Atlas Body Armour. Enjoy the range, and as always legends, Ride Safe.