Airoh Twist helmets are the perfect option for those after a lightweight, highly ventilated MX helmet that'll go with you anywhere and get the job done. One of Airoh's most popular helmets due to its quality construction, epic features, and affordable price-point, the Twist range ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing a moto helmet that has it all. The main comments we receive about Airoh helmets is that they are ultra-light, comfortable as anything, with breezy ventilation. The first thing everyone says when they pick up an Airoh helmet is something along the lines of, "WOW, its so light!"...while then moving on to try it on and remarking that it doesn't feel like they're wearing anything. 

If you don't like wearing a moto helmet but recognize their importance and reluctantly wear one in case of an accident, then the Twist range will appeal to you. This barely-there helmet gives you the benefit of superior head protection that is so light you'll keep patting your head to check that you remembered to put it on. Not only this but with its removable and washable liner you'll be able to keep your helmet fresh and give it a clean-up whenever it starts getting a sweat build up in there that is no longer tolerable. 

For an MX helmet that looks epic, weighs next to nothing, breaths like a cyclone, and all the while still being affordable, check out the range of Airoh Twist helmets today!