Airoh Terminator 2.1 helmets have spent a lot of time on podiums over the years. Worn by some of the fastest racers in the world, this moto helmet is popular for numerous reasons. One - its Airoh and they're renowned for making top quality products. Two - its nice and light, weighing in at just 1020g (not Airoh's lightest helmet - that would be the Airoh Aviator 2.2 helmet) but still extremely lightweight. Three - it comes in 2 shell sizes with a wide vision goggle port. Four - its super ventilated with its hi-flow ventilation system. Four - It's entirely made in Italy, and well all know Italy makes some of the finest products on the planet. 

The Terminator 2.1 helmet also utilizes AEFR (Airoh Emergency Fast Remove Cheek pads) for a super fast and safe removal of helmets in the event of an accident. Designed to put up with all sorts of abuse that some of the most demanding riders throw its way, the Terminator 2.1 is a helmet that just keeps going and doesn't look back. Put through the paces by some of the worlds top riders, you can rest assured that this helmet will be there when you need it most and could even save your life. Not only is there a huge emphasis on safety and performance of these exceptionally well-engineered MX helmets, but they also look epic as well with their vibrant colours and minimalist graphics. Check out the full range of Airoh Terminator 2.1 helmets today and save your noggin' from a floggin'