Since establishing their brand in 1997, Italian helmet manufacturer Airoh have well and truly established themselves as one of the world's leading motocross and off-road helmet makers in the world. With 91 world titles to their name, the Airoh Helmets range has certainly been put through the ringer, with world champions such as Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Cairoli choosing to don the Airoh Aviator 2.3 motocross helmet when going to battle for the MXGP World Championships. With your helmet protecting the heads of two of the fastest motorbike racers the dirt bike world has ever seen, there comes a substantial wishlist that needs to be checked off when it comes to features and performance. So it's little surprise that the Aviator 2.3 comes equipped with some of the most advanced features to grace any enduro or MX helmet on the market. It's Carbon Kevlar shell allows for one of the lightest ECE approved helmets on the market and coming in multiple shell sizes ensures that not a gram of excess material ends up on the outer shell. Sharing a lot of technology from the earlier Airoh Aviator 2.2, the new version 2.3 features Airoh's AMS2 (Airoh Multiaction Safety System), A.E.F.R (Airoh Emergency Fast Remove) and the easy to use AMLS (Airoh Magnetic Lining System) which makes throwing your inner lining and cheek pads back into your helmet after a post-ride wash as effortless as possible.

The Airoh range of off-road helmets is known for offering a near unmatched field of view. The long chin guard of the Aviator offers significant roost protection, while not impeding the riders peripheral. The Airoh Aviator range also come with a slew of accessories that are often overlooked by other manufacturers - typically the high-end offerings from Airoh will include a visor extension for the muddy days when as long a roost visor as possible is beneficial, easily installed vent covers, built-in GoPro mounts and the ability to seamlessly integrate hydration systems. The copious eye port accommodates a wide range of goggle options, and looks the goods with the Novak Chrome graphics options. Here at MXstore we stock a solid range of Airoh Helmets from the entry level Wraap Helmets and Twist Helmets to the world class Aviator.