Acerbis is a world leader in offering some of the best dirt bike plastics for race teams and racers around the globe. Forks are a motorcycle part subject to immense force and pressure each time you take the machine for a weekend out. Fork shoes are a new product to the market that offer an extra layer of protection to the underside of the lower fork body. Fork shoe protectors are bike-specific and custom moulded to the different suspension used on KTM, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Sherco and Suzuki machinery.

Acerbis fork shoe protectors are available for many makes and models of enduro and motocross dirt bikes, offering easy access to the axle nut and the fork lug bolts. The simple installation involves removing the fork screws and original front axle to then place the new lower fork guards in place and simply re-install the removed parts. With a simple and easy fitment for all bikes, these fork shoe protectors act as a skid plate and impact guard all in one. The colourways on offer directly match the Acerbis plastic kits and match the same orange colour on your KTM 250 XC-F front fender, Acerbis frame guards and number plates.

Next time you are looking to pull the CRF-450R or 500 EXC-F out of the garage and hit the tracks be sure to grab some fork shoe covers to ensure your suspension is protected at all times and can continue to provide peak performance capability.