No Rest for Breasts | Breast Cancer Awareness Ride Weekend

Proud to Support  |  17 November 2021

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How it all started...

Two time X Games gold medalist Corey Creed was approached by Fund My Challenge to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Something that is very close to all of our hearts, especially Corey as his Mum battled and survived Breast Cancer.  After this, Corey sat down with MXstore events team over a coffee and we quickly agreed to do anything and everything to help support an epic event for a great cause.

What is No Rest for Breasts?

This cheekily named event was established to connect people affected by breast cancer and to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research bringing the moto community together in a unique way for a great cause. With Fund My Challenge giving us the platform to gather the funds raised, the charity selected was So Brave (Australia's Young Women's Breast Cancer Charity) all hosted at MX Farm in Gympie QLD

The weekend included the pledgathon style races where riders were sponsored by friends and family to ride as many laps as they could in a certain time;

  • 6 hours non-stop (Double D's)
  • Adults 2 hours non-stop (Push Up Bra's)
  • Kids 2 hours non-stop (Training Bra's)
  • Team race of up to 4 (Sports Bra's)

If that wasn't enough, there was also 3 FMX shows from AirTime, airbag demo's from Corey Creed and Harry Bink, PeeWee track races (for kids on 50cc, 65cc and 110cc), adult 110 races, raffles, DJ tunes and loads of food and cold drinks to watch all the action.

To check out all the photos from the event head over to

Industry support

We reached out to industry partners for support and we had many vendors jump on board with donations, prizes and more. So a quick shoutout to all who made the event a hit;

Faced with a challenge

Unfortunately, the weather tried to throw a spanner in the works nearly making us postpone the event, however, much like many of the women and men who are unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer we didn't give up hope or faith. Tracks were underwater on Thursday and Friday but the crew at MX Farm managed to do everything they could to get the tracks dried out and ready for the weekend. The call was made to push the pledgathon style race to Sunday and still run the FMX shows, airbag demo, PeeWee track races and adult 110 races on Saturday.


Saturday arrived and there was nothing but blue sky's and good times had by all. As the tracks dried, the smiles grew and the banter began. The kids fun races started our morning off with a bang then led into some epic adult 110 races on the stadium-style track. There were some good battles, questionable passes but no matter if you were riding or spectating everyone had an epic time. As the afternoon rolled around, the sound of cold drinks opening filled the campgrounds as we prepared for the first of three FMX shows and airbag demos. As the show began, DJ tunes and the smell of MX Farm's roast dinner quickly filled the campground leaving us with a night to remember, it's not every day you get to witness a lineup of riders like Corey Creed, Brad Burch, Harry Bink, Rob Marshall, Kain Saul, Clinton Moore sending it for the lucky spectators. The night finished off with the raffle where many spectators and riders would win some very impressive prizes, including a YCF50, Corey Creed's one-off helmet and Tech 10 Alpinestar boots to only name a few.


We woke up to another beautiful day on Sunday, with riders briefing starting at 8 am and riders on the track by 9 am. Those who went a little too hard on Saturday night were paying the price for their life choices. The track was in prime condition after the rain and prep work, creating a track riders dream to experience. It was without a question that Corey Creed lead the opening lap for the day with hundreds of riders following all to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. As the day went on, the track and riders both deteriorated but the laughter and smiles only continued. With the Push Up Bra's and Training Bra's being pulled off the track around 11:20 which left the Double D's and Sports Bra classes on the track for another three and a half hours.

Training Bra's:
In first place completing 45 laps was Chloe Judd and in a close second with 44 laps was Jack Wilkes

Push Up Bra's:
In first place, Ryan Maher completed a crazy 58 laps on his YZ125 followed by Matthew Grilz and Jason Hill

Sports Bra's: (Team)
In first place with the most laps of the day was Boob Hunters with 193 laps which consisted of MXstore employees Mike Sleeter, Blake Cobbin and Dylan O'Keeffe. In second place was Booby Brigade with 165 and in third, Breasts do it Best with 153.

Double D's:
The look of pain was clear when these riders pulled off the track after enduring 6 hours of non-stop riding. In first place was Dee Wilson with a massive 185 laps followed closely by Elmsly Eshman-Myhill with 182 laps and then in third, Dean Gray with 177. Corey Creed managed to finish in 4th with 144 laps, after riding the Freestyle and airbag shows the day prior.

The day finished off with presentations of all the classes and a few of the lads even did a 45-second ice bath challenge to really send the day off in style.

Wrapping up

All in all, we had a great time with a bunch of special people and managed to raise over $30,000 for breast cancer research. At MXstore we love to give back to the community and it's even better when we can all ride and give back at the same time. We can't wait to make this an annual event, so we hope to see you all next year for an even bigger and better event.

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