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The CE mark is a type of safety accreditation for a wide range of products and is the global benchmark for minimum safety standards, which is also very relevant to motocross and off-road protective gear.


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What does the CE mark stand for?

CE stands for a French term 'Communaute Europeenne', meaning European Conformity stemming back to the days of free marketability in Europe. By adding the CE mark, a manufacturer is declaring its conformity with all of the legal requirements to gain CE approval.

How hard is it for companies to attain the CE approval?

Although it is up to the manufacturer to perform the necessary tests to gain CE approval, there is a costly and extensive process involved in order to cover all of the legal requirements attached to the marking. Basically, for a company to cover themselves legally they need to assess, document and present information showing their product has passed a number of examinations proving its quality of materials, manufacture and design application.
There are many levels of CE for different products depending on what they are designed to do. In Europe, you cannot wear motocross body armour which doesn’t have the CE approval.
CE testing of products has to be carried out on every batch of products, which is made to ensure consistency of materials used remains the same. For protective gear such as chest protectors, back protectorsknee guards or elbow guards, a number of tests are performed to check the material strength and durability over a number of tests including impact, abrasion and heat variables.

Do all motocross protective gear brands carry the CE mark?

Not all brands put the time, energy and money into getting their impact protection products CE approved, which is why they will generally have a cheaper price tag.
It's also difficult for body protection products to pass the strength tests and also remain lightweight and comfortable, and that's another reason why some companies stay away from the CE rating altogether. 
Many products at MXstore are CE approved and we add this information on every product page that is applicable. Keep an eye out for this as it is a sure sign of quality and safety from your gear.
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