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Alpinestars Motocross Boots Range Review

Alpinestars has been an industry leader in the boots category for as long as we can remember, and for very good reason. The story began way back in 1963, when a leather craftsman by the name of Sante Mazzarolo created the first ever Alpinestars boot, a truly revolutionary product that would go on to become the archetype for motocross protection. Fast forward to the present day and Alpinestars continues to push the boundaries of possibility in the dirt bike protection space, with their market leading boot range at the forefront of their innovation.

We're proud to carry the entire Alpinestars offroad boot collection here at MXstore. Catering to all kinds of riders, abilities, and age groups, Alpinestars motocross boots continue to set the standard of protection at a range of different price points. Given the wide variety of Alpinestars boots we carry here at MXstore, we thought we'd do a deep dive into the lineup to help you guys decide what Alpinestars boots might be the right choice for you. Let's get into it!

Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

The new Tech 10 models from Alpinestars are regarded by many not only as the pinnacle boot of the Alpinestars range but also as the pinnacle of the entire offroad boot category. The boot of choice for the majority of Alpinestars' pro riders, there's no doubting the new Tech 10 boots belong at the front of the pack.

Aaron Tanti Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

GASGAS Australia's Aaron Tanti in the Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots.

Having undergone a major overall back in 2019 that saw a vastly improved boot on the original model, the Tech 10 received a few small tweaks again for the 2021 season. Namely, new material composites that not only reduced the weight of the boots but also vastly improved the flex and feel to offer a much more user-friendly boot. In addition to that, the 2021 model saw the introduction of a new and improved sole, specifically designed to improve interactions with the footpegs on your bike and enjoy a longer lifespan, no matter what kind of pegs are on your machine.

Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots Soles

The inner bootie of the Tech 10's continues to be one of their most iconic and liked features of the boots, ensuring a much more secure fit and offering maximum protection to your ankles. Other high-end protective features of the Tech 10's include the Frontal Flexion Control Frame, designed to dampen and absorb impact energies, the Asymmetrical Dual-Pivot System, which offers improved levels of flexibility and precision control, as well as the patented Dynamic Heel Compression Shock Absorber, integrated directly into the redesigned foot shell to absorb high impact energies during a crash. What it all amounts to is an incredibly safe and secure boot that is specifically built to handle the rigours of riding, racing, and performing at the top of the sport, while still offering a user friendly package that caters to all levels of riders.

The latest introduction of the Supervented version only adds to the already impressive resume of the Tech 10. Featuring two inlet ports on the front of the boot, a ventilated shin plate, perforated padding, and extensive mesh sections, the Tech 10 Supervented has been specifically constructed to promote maximum airflow through the boot’s front to ensure a regulated temperature within your boots while riding. For all of us here at MXstore, based in south-east Queensland, the Supervented Tech 10's are a perfect option during those summer motos!

Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots

The Tech 7 is well known as the workhouse of the Alpinestars boot range, with the current shape of the boot still as popular as ever since the original Tech 7 model was updated back in 2014. With an almost endless lineup of colour options available throughout the range, the Tech 7 collection is easily one of our most popular boot ranges here at MXstore.

Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots

Generally classed as a mid-level price point boot, the Tech 7 punches well above its weight when it comes to safety features. The CE certified boot utilizes a biomechanical pivot to promote core stability and flex, giving the rider great feel for the bike no matter what terrain you're tackling. Indeed, while the Tech 10 is a class above when it comes to support and stability, the Tech 7's popularity mostly stems from the lighter and more mobile feel in comparison to the premium, albeit heavier and more sturdy, Tech 10's. 

The Tech 7's certainly don't lack anything in the structure and support department, with a new TPU ankle protection system that was designed to prevent damage to the legs by providing progressive force relief for torsional forces. Not only that, the TPU shin plate and medial protection are constructed from one single piece for greater structural integrity and stability. If you're looking for more of a balance between feel and protection, the Tech 7 could be the boot for you - as it is for Red Bull KTM Factory Racing star and MX2 World Champion Tom Vialle

Tom Vialle Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots

MX2 World Champion Tom Vialle chooses the Tech 7 Boots.

The latest addition to the Tech 7 range is the extremely popular Tech 7 Enduro model. Available in a growing range of colour options, the Tech 7 enduro boots take all the great features of the standard Tech 7 and combines it with a specially engineered compound sole that aims to provide enduro riders with superior durability, grip, feel, and structural integrity. If you're a fan of hitting the trails, we highly recommend giving the Enduro model a look - we've tried them firsthand and were stoked with how they performed!

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Soles

Alpinestars Tech 5 Boots

The Tech 5 is one of the more recent additions to the Alpinestars offroad boot collection, building off the back of the very successful Tech 10 and Tech 7. The Tech 5 follows a similar pattern to success as the Tech 7, offering a lightweight and user-friendly boot that offers great feel for the bike. The more affordable price point of the Tech 5 means you miss out on some of the more premium protective features, but for a entry-mid level rider, the Alpinestars Tech 5 is a great choice of boot.

Alpinestars Tech 5 Boots

While the Tech 5 Range doesn't carry close to the huge amount of models available in the Tech 7 line, there's no doubting the popularity it holds in the market. A lightweight and durable microfiber chassis is one of the more innovative features on the Tech 5 that offers great value for its price, and with a biomechanical pivot system similar to that of the Tech 7, it provides the rider with both front and rear flexibility and structural support.

When you compare the Tech 5 side by side with the more advanced Tech 10 and Tech 7 lines, as you would expect with a more price-friendly boot, it's clear to see that they don't carry the same 'wow factor' when it comes to both presentation and performance. However, the Tech 5 more than holds its own in comparison to other boots of a similar price point, and certainly offers a step-up on the entry-level Tech 3 line from Alpinestars. All in all, the Tech 5 is great boot option for entry-mid level riders who might not be able to splash out on more premium protection but want the surety and comfort that comes with a reputable brand logo like Alpinestars.

Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

The Alpinestars Tech 3 line is the entry-level adult collection of motocross boots from Astars. As with the Tech 5 range, the Tech 3 lineup doesn't offer a huge range of different models, but what it lacks in range it certainly makes up for in volume - as an entry-level boot, the Tech 3 is a hugely popular range for us here at MXstore.

Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots MXstore

MXstore's Ben Wilson putting the Tech 3 boots to the test.

As an entry-level boot that's specifically targeted at beginner riders, the Tech 3 isn't stacked with the abundance of safety features you'll find in the more expensive ranges of Alpinestars boots. However, they do offer a very good value-for-money package for their affordable price point. They are CE certified with a range of protective features, including contoured TPU protective pieces, microfiber material construction on the upper boot for flexible abrasion resistance, a bio-mechanical medial blade system that offers great flex and support, an updated 3 buckle closure system, and a whole lot more. Most importantly for beginners, they're comfortable and offer a good feel for the bike and your brake pedal and gear shifter, which is very important!

  • Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro Sole
  • Alpinestars Tech 3 Stella Womens MX Boots

As you can see in the images above, there are two additional factors that add to the Tech 3 range - an Enduro specific Tech 3 (much like the Tech 7 Enduro), as well as the Tech 3 Stella, a women's specific boot. Both the Tech 3 Enduro and Tech 3 Stella are hugely popular, with the enduro enhanced sole proving a popular option for the offroad riders, and the women's specific sizing of the Stella making it a common choice for the ladies!

Alpinestars Tech 7s Boots

Headlining the Alpinestars kids boots range is the Tech 7s. Much like its older brother in the Tech 7, the Tech 7s is loaded with safety features while still offering a user-friendly package, something that is vital when it comes to protection for younger riders. Flex and feel is balanced well against the safety features of the Tech 7s, with the end result being a comfortable and reliable boot that offers a very high level of safety and protection to the user. The Tech 7s comes in a wide range of colour and design options to keep the kids out there happy, and indeed, it's not just the kids - a lot of ladies or people with smaller feet choose to run boots from the Tech 7s lineup! 

Alpinestars Tech 7s Boots MXstore

When it comes to kids though, boots can certainly be one of the more difficult protective pieces to decide on, especially when they're at an age where they're growing quickly - no one wants to buy a set of boots that your son or daughter will grow out of in a month or two. Our advice - if your son or daughter is riding or racing at an intermediate-high level, you'll want to invest in a set of these. Lower leg and ankle injuries can cause havoc on a child's life, and these are some of the best protective boots for kids you'll find anywhere. If your kids are riding at more of a beginner level, you might want to give the Tech 3s line a look below!

Alpinestars Tech 3s Boots

The entry-level kids range of Alpinestars boots is a popular choice here at MXstore, with sizes starting right down in the Peewee option and covering all the way through up till the adult range. Again, the Tech 3s is built loosely off its big brother in the Tech 3, so you won't find a huge list of premium safety features attached to these. However, that's definitely not to say they're not a great option for your little ones - in all honestly, the Tech 3s is one of the best kids boot options on the market!

As mentioned above, one of the biggest problems with kids' boots is growing too quickly. The Tech 3s has a solution to that, with sizes from the smallest K10 right up to 4 featuring a specially adapted removable footbed to accommodate growth and extended longevity of the boots - an additional internal sole that adds an extra size to your purchase! So you can have the peace of mind of knowing these boots will last your kid a little longer, no matter how quickly they're growing.

The Tech 3s is a great addition to the Alpinestars kids lineup, and indeed, the perfect alternate option to the more premium Tech 7s. Alpinestars is well known as the best in the game when it comes to motocross boots, and with a lineup like this for the young rippers out there (and the ladies too!), it's easy to see why.

Alpinestars Kids and Womens Motocross Boots

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