Alpinestar motocross tech 3 boots are a great entry-level boot that offers A grade protection for all off-road, enduro and motocross disciplines. Unlike road boots you want motocross boots to be both flexible and strong so that you're able to use your controls correctly but still have the protection needed.

The Alpinestars Tech 3 boot covers all these bases as its soft foam interior and supportive outer construction leaves you with a great entry-level boot for an affordable price. Dirt entry and excessive water getting into mx boots is something people complain about a lot, but with a technical texture, velcro and new closure system the tech 3 reduces the chances of this happening while you're out ripping up the dirt bike tracks. Alpinestar offer a range of protection features throughout their tech 3, tech 5, tech 7, tech 8 and tech 10 moto boots with precise closure and quick release ratchet systems that provides you with one of the highest quality boot on the track. The Tech 3 boot has a high abrasion-resistant, exclusive high grip rubber compound outsole that is the same as the tech 5 and tech 7 boot, allowing the replaceable eva footbed that is a dual compound foot shell quick and easy to replace a beat up sole on your motocross boots.

The main shell has Rear flex and outer lateral ankle support is another big player in mx boots and the tech 3 has the perfect combination of both these features for the price that they are, these features are needed for easy and efficient gear changes while riding. The Ratchet strap system is another feature on the Tech 3 boot that makes it easy for fit adjustment and gives you a flexible area of motion when wearing the moto boot. The tech 3 boot construction is finished off with a toe reinforcement to some extent so that there's a good front on your moto boot keeping your toes safe while riding within the toe box area.

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