The Ultimate Guide to Motocross Gloves

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Your hands are the main point of contact with your motocross bike, so it makes choosing the right dirt bike glove incredibly important. In this complete guide, we cover the ins and outs on how to select the best motocross glove for you.

What are the different types of motocross gloves? 
There are so many different types of motocross gloves, and every gear manufacturer generally has their own line-up that consists of a traditional style glove with padded protection on top of the hand, and a minimalistic glove that has become a popular option amongst riders and racers. 

The traditional style MX glove is still the go-to glove for many dirt bike riders, mainly because it boasts a really robust construction and generally features some form of padded or rubber protection on the fingers and top of the hand, which is super handy when you're mid-pack and getting absolutely roosted. A traditional style glove also usually has extra reinforcements on the palm of the glove, which can either play for or against you, depending on your preference. 

The minimalistic style motocross glove is the modern dirt bike glove, and it's been adopted by almost every brand and is a big hit with riders. The beauty of this style of glove is its enhanced feel and comfort - it obviously lacks in impact protection, but because of that, it feels exceptionally good on the handlebars

A minimalistic style glove also usually features a single-layer palm - this means there are no reinforcements or stitching on the palm, which can promote the likeliness of suffering blisters, and it's a key reason many motocross riders opt for them. 

This type of MX glove will also be offered in your typical wrist-strap fastener, or as a slip-on - the slip-on offers a nice, firm fit that gels with the shape and size of your wrists, taking glove comfort to another level yet again.

Which is the best motocross glove for me? 
Choosing a motocross glove ultimately comes down to personal preference, and the best way to determine what your preference is, is to try on a range of gloves from different brands. You also need to take into consideration whether you want added protection, or increased comfort - you may just find a glove that finds a balance between them.

Are there any dirt bike gloves with knuckle protection? 
Absolutely! One of the most popular dirt bike gloves with some serious knuckle protection is the Fox Bomber gloves. The Bomber is the maximum when it comes protection on a dirt bike glove, and that's thanks to the moulded plastic knuckle and finger armour, which protect from roost and rocks.

Do any gloves help in cold weather?
There are numerous MX gloves on the market that are designed to aid your hands in cold weather, such as the 100% Brisker Cold Weather glove. The Brisker is insulated to block out damp and cool temperatures, ensuring you can maintain a good feeling on the controls of your dirt bike.

How do I know what size I am in motocross gloves? 
To ensure you get the right-sized glove, there are number important measurements you can take. The first step is to measure the circumference around your dominant hand while holding all of your fingers apart and stretched. 

Do not include your thumb in this measurement and measure lower than all of your knuckles (be careful not to measure too far forward on your pinky finger side as this knuckle is further back). Remember if your gloves are too loose they will bunch and give you blisters, so aim for a tight fit!

Kids motocross glove size chart:
XXS = 18.5 – 19cm
XS = 19 – 19.5cm
S = 19.5 – 20cm
M = 20 – 20.5cm
L = 20.5 – 21cm
XL = 21 – 21.5cm

Adult motocross gloves size chart:
XS = 21 – 21.5cm
S = 21.5 - 22cm
M = 22 – 22.5cm
L = 22.5 – 23.5cm
XL = 23.5 – 24.5cm
XXL = 24.5 – 25cm
3XL = 25 – 26cm

What are the best motocross glove brands?
Every motocross gear manufacturer offers a glove to suit their gear set, and there are also a number of brands that specifically just make dirt bike gloves. Here are is a list of some of the best motocross glove brands at MXstore: 

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