Fly Racing gloves are an excellent choice for those after reliable hand protection that is made for comfort and durability without raiding your bank account and leaving it in a smoke cloud of emptiness. Whether you like that barely-there feel that many riders prefer in their MX gloves or you like more of a beefed up glove for extra protection, Fly's got you covered with their extensive range of gloves. Available in four different ranges from the entry-level Fly Racing F-16 gloves for the budget conscious right up to the premium Fly Racing Evolution gloves for that top-class feeling. With a huge range of colours and sizes and options that match many of the Fly gear sets, you'll be sure to find a pair of gloves that appeal to your eyeballs. 

Fly Racing Kinetic gloves are a popular mid-range glove due to its super soft feel and lightweight design making your hands feel like they're in a bed of candy floss without the sticky weirdness. A bed of clouds may have been more appropriate. Although lightweight, these gloves still manage to pack in a double layer palm and reinforced thumb for the ultimate protection. Split knuckles with ventilated gusset as well as a four-way stretch Lycra panel construction for max airflow and cooling benefits. Kinetic gloves are a good all-rounder that will give you more than adequate protection without being bulky or breaking the bank.

Fly Racing Lite gloves are the pinnacle of lightweight. If you thought the Kinetic range sounded light then the Lite range take it to the next level. The Lite glove range was designed with a high attention to detail and a focus on making them the lightest moto glove on the market. We think they did an awesome job and have produced a glove that is so light you'll actually think you forgot to put any on and astonishingly still gives you decent protection. The single layer perforated synthetic leather palm is much lighter than normal leather used on gloves and improves airflow. If you'd prefer not to wear gloves but need that extra grip and protection from blisters and discomfort then these are the gloves for you.