The Ultimate Guide to Dirt Bike Customisation

How-To Guides & Tutorials  |  12 August 2020

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One of the coolest things you can do in motocross - aside from riding - is customising your dirt bike and making it your own. There's a limitless amount of options when it comes to dirt bike customisation, and in this guide, we cover the ins and outs of making your dirt bike one of a kind.

What are the main types of customisation?

Graphics kit: The easiest and most affordable way to customise your dirt bike is by installing a fresh graphics kit. A full graphics kit will transform the look of your bike, and there are so many options you can choose from, especially in our new MXstore Graphics Kits line by Ninetwo Decals. A motocross graphics kit is also relatively easy to install with the right preparation and a few pro tips, and we always recommend adding a seat cover for an ideal look. You can learn more on how to apply motocross graphics to your dirt bike here: How to Install a Dirt Bike Graphics Kit

Plastics: Adding onto a set of graphics kit is fitting your bike with some new plastics. Just like graphics, the options for plastics and colour combinations are endless, and when you pair up a sweet plastics kit with a graphics kit, it makes for some of the coolest customisation you can do on a dirt bike. Full plastics kits are relatively affordable these days, and some brands also offer them in different colour combinations, which makes things so much easier when you're going for something a little more out there. 

Wheelset: A fresh new wheelset is a bold way to enhance the look of your dirt bike, and it can really finish things off when you've installed some new-look graphics and plastics. Wheelsets can be customised with the colour of wheels, spokes and hubs, so there's going to be an option that suits the style of your motocross bike.

Exhaust system: An exhaust system has two benefits - it will boost the performance of your bike, and it will lift its looks to another level. It's safe to say many riders choose an aftermarket exhaust system simply for aesthetics, as there's just something about a header and muffler combo that every rider and racer can appreciate. Exhaust systems don't come cheap, but they do have the double benefit of also providing a performance advantage (and reducing weight!) while looking pretty cool as well. 

Bling bits: There is actually a heap of affordable ways to make little custom touches to your dirt bike, and bling kits are one of them - they basically include a list of anodised caps, plugs and bolts that can really complete the look of your motocross bike. There's also a bunch bling bits you can add, such as brake and gear shifters, clutch covers and footpegs, and then there's clutch and brake perches, which also offer an advantage in feel and durability. 

How should I start customising my dirt bike?
It's always best to start with a graphics kit, as this will guide the whole direction of your bike build. The graphics kit is obviously going to be the most obvious piece of customisation, so by starting with it, you can then decide on what colour options and parts you want to buy to suit it. 

It's also wise to consider what colour plastics you're going to go with for your new graphics - you may just use what's standard or you might want something new and fresh. It's important to keep your plastic colour and graphics kit in mind from the beginning so that the look of your bike is just seamless. 

From there, you can start adding parts such as wheels, and exhaust system, and bling bits, choosing colour combinations that complement and enhance your decals.

Should I do everything at once?
It really comes down to your budget, and what your aim is. If you want to customise your bike so that it's a showpiece - and perhaps want professional photos taken of the final result - then we recommend getting everything done at the same time so it's fresh for that photoshoot. We all know how hard riding is on our bikes, so one ride with your new graphics will make them look like they're not so new anymore. 

If you're on a budget and a 'showpiece' isn't your aim, then it's definitely wise to add parts as you can afford them, all while still allowing you to get out and rip motocross without the worry of ruining customised components.

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