Pre-Race Gear Checklist: Everything You Need Prepared Before a Weekend of Racing

How-To Guides & Tutorials  |  12 August 2020

Pre-Race Gear Checklist: Everything You Need Prepared Before a Weekend of Racing  main image

Racing motocross comes with plenty of preparation, and your MX Gear is no different. In this checklist, we cover every bit of riding gear you'll need to prepare before linig up behind the gates!

Helmet: First things first, you'll want to have your helmet clean and ready to go racing. We always recommend cleaning your helmet and the helmet liner after each ride, so it should be already clean and just need assembling for race day. You don't want to be knocked back at scrutineering, and a dirty helmet is a quick way to draw negative attention towards yourself by the scrutineer. 

Goggles: Goggles are without a doubt the most important aspect of motocross gear preparation - if your goggles aren't clean and prepared, then you're going to have some dramas on race day. We advise having a number of goggles in your kit - at least three - all of which are in the same brand so you can save money on tear-offs and roll-offs. Ensure your goggles are fitted with the correct amount of tear-offs you need, and if you're using roll-offs, make sure the systems have been cleaned thoroughly and each has a clear roll on the waste side.

Riding gear: Your actual off-road riding gear is probably the easiest bit of preparation, but it's always wise to put it on your checklist, making sure you've packed your jersey, motocross pants and MX gloves. It's recommended to pack an extra set of dirt bike gear, even if it's old - you just never know when you might need a fresh set, especially if the conditions change for the worse.

Boots: Just like your helmet, dirty boots can raise unwanted attention at scrutineering, so make sure they're clean before packing them in the trailer or van. Some riders put their boots in their gear bag, while some leave them out - there's no right or wrong, but just ensure they don't get left behind! We like to keep all our gear in the same place, so that way nothing can be forgotten, especially something important as motocross boots.

Protective gear & undergarments: Lastly, make sure all of your protective gear, such as knee braces, body armour, neck braces, are packed in your gear bag, along with your riding socks and any compression tights. Speaking from experience, forgetting your riding sock or compression tights when you're wearing knee braces is one of the worst scenarios!

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