4 Pieces of Motocross Gear You Should Choose Quality Over Affordability

How-To Guides & Tutorials  |  12 August 2020

4 Pieces of Motocross Gear You Should Choose Quality Over Affordability main image

Riding motocross requires a lot of protective gear to prevent injuries from happening, and there are some areas where you should always choose quality over affordability. So before you lash out on a brand new set of riding gear, take these four items into consideration when deciding on where to distribute your budget.

Helmet: A dirt bike helmet is where you should direct the majority of your budget to when buying new motocross gear. A helmet is the most important piece of protective gear you'll need to buy, so it's incredibly important to choose quality over affordability when it comes to protecting your brain. While all of our helmets pass the industry standard, a top-end helmet features the most advanced technology which will provide the best chance of protecting your brain. You can learn more about the latest in helmet technology here: Dirt Bike Helmet Technology

Boots: While a helmet is the most important piece of dirt bike gear, a pair of motocross boots is a close second. Your feet and lower legs are going to be thrown through the wringer when you ride a dirt bike and are going to be subject to some tough situations, especially in the event of a crash. A pair of mid to top-end boots will give you adequate flexibility to have a good feeling on the pegs and controls, but they'll also give you the strongest opportunity of preventing a serious leg injury, thanks to their advanced support systems. A low-end motocross boot is designed for riders who are just beginning in the sport, as they're an affordable option and much safer than a pair of work boots - which offer no ankle support and very little (next to none!) protection.

Knee braces: Knee protection is incredibly important, and a pair of knee braces are the ultimate when it comes to support and major knee injury prevention. The thing is, knee braces don't come cheap, and the alternative is the affordable knee guards. A major knee injury can costs thousands of dollars, not the mention all the time off work you'll most likely need, which makes the investment in a pair quality knee braces even more so wiser. You can learn more about the differences between knee braces and knee guards here: The MXstore Knee Brace Buying Guide

Additional protection: The fourth area to invest in quality over affordability is additional protective gear, such as a chest protector or neck brace. These items are a personal preference that we recommend, and it's always a good idea to invest the most quality gear that you can afford. When it comes to protecting yourself, choosing quality over affordability - if it's an option for you - is always the best way to approach kitting yourself with equipment that can prevent injuries.

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