2021 Kawasaki Range Review

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Kawasaki has made a bold statement with its 2021 range of dirt bikes, unveiling an all-new KX250 alongside introducing two brand new models to its fleet - the KX450XC and KX250XC. 

2021 Kawasaki motocross range: 
The Kawasaki KX250 headlines the 2021 release of motocross bikes, as it's undergone an overhaul as a new-generation bike that brings it line with the KX450. 

The KX450 was overhauled in 2019, and while the 250 generally follows the year later, Kawasaki decided to wait two years before bringing the KX250 into the latest generation chassis and bodywork. 

There's a lot to cover with the 2021 KX250, and it starts with the bodywork - it's completely new for the 2021 model, and now matches what we've become accustomed to over the last couple of years with the 450. 

With new bodywork comes a new chassis, and it's been derived directly from the premier class machine. There are numerous differences between the 450 and 250 frames, mainly to accommodate the KX250 powerplant. 

A couple of interesting points surrounding the 2021 KX250 chassis is that the engine is actually used as a stressed-member, so it's basically a structural element of the frame to transfer forces, while the swingarm has been taken directly off the KX450 to provide maximum traction at the rear wheel. 

The engine has also undergone a significant amount of work, which is really impressive considering Kawasaki claimed its 2020 engine as its most powerful 250 powerplant yet. The component list is long, although the end result the Japanese manufacturer is delivering is a raise in peak power and higher rev limit, plus there are also increases in low to mid-range performance. 

The finishing touches to the 2021 KX250 are impressive, as it's now fitted with an electric starter, hydraulic clutch, and Renthal Fatbar handlebars, plus there are the strong suspension and brake packages. Existing features such as launch control and changeable DFI couplers return for 2021. 

The KX450 goes relatively unchanged for 2021 aside from a fresh graphics kit, however there have been refinements to the engine, hydraulic clutch, and the addition of Renthal Fatbar handlebars. 

2021 Kawasaki cross-country range:
One of the biggest surprises we've seen amongst the 2021 model launches is the introduction of the Kawasaki cross-country range. Both the Kawasaki KX450XC and KX250XC are based off their motocross counterparts, sharing many features and characteristics. 

The key difference on both bikes is that they come fitted with an 18-inch rear wheel, off-road optimised engine and suspension, Dunlop Geomax AT81 tyre, skid plate, brakes package, and a kickstand. 

The differences are somewhat subtle, however are very clearly dedicated to improving the bikes' characteristics in enduro and off-road riding. 

Both the motocross and cross-country models are due to land in Australian dealerships in the next few months.

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RS 12 exhaust for 2021 KX range in Australia

I would like to no when the RS 12 will be available for the 2021 Kx 250 and 450 please, either slip on or header as well please? Steve Australia

Steven Vidler on 7 December 2020
Hi Steve, Thanks for reaching out about the Yoshi RS-12 exhaust! I have just spoken to our Suppliers and their shipment of the new RS-12's are due to arrive in February/March next year! They have very limited stock available so if you would like to secure one, make sure to reach out to our Customer Service legends and we can put one on backorder for you. :) I hope you have a great afternoon and we look forward to hearing from you soon! Cheers MXstore
MXstore Response

Yoshimura slip on pipe

I'm keen to get a Yoshimura pipe for my 2021 KX250. I would like to know approximately when they will be available for the bike? Thank you.

Neville Deverell on 4 November 2020
Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a comment, Neville! I have done a bit of digging and unfortunately, Yoshimura doesn't seem to have a fitment listing for the 2021 model at this stage! I have created an enquiry through our Customer Service legends so that we can investigate this further for you! We will be in touch soon via email, so make sure to keep an eye out! Have a good one :)
MXstore Response

22 updates hopefully

extra gear in box , slightly bigger fuel tank , small headlight.

Kendall Taylor on 27 September 2020

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