2021 Husqvarna Range Review

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Husqvarna Motorcycles continues to deliver its market-leading range of motocross and enduro bikes for year model 2021, where the line-up of both two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes receive a number of refinements.

2021 Husqvarna FC & TC range: 
The Husqvarna motocross range is a popular one amongst Australian riders and racers, and there's no questioning why when you look at the success of Jason Anderson, Zach Osborne, and our very own 2019 Aussie MX1 and MX2 champions, Todd Waters and Wilson Todd. 

The 2021 Husqvarna FC range includes: 
Husqvarna FC 450
Husqvarna FC 350
Husqvarna FC 250 

With an already competitive package in the current generation Husqvarna four-stroke models, the updates for 2021 are relatively minimal, with just a number of refinements improving an already strong platform. 

The 2021 Husqvarna FC fleet is headlined by the all-new Husqvarna Motorcycles app, which allows you to adjust and customise the engine mapping of your bike via an iPhone or Android device. You will need a Husqvarna Connectivity Unit that is housed inside a bar pad, although that's an extra you'll have to buy on top of the bike. 

It's also worth noting the app and Connectivity Unit is only compatible with 2021 FC range and the 2020 Rockstar Energy factory edition. 

The suspension package has also received an upgrade for 2021, with the WP XACT forks with AER technology getting a new mid-valve damping system for improved rider comfort on landings, as well as minimising pressure peaks for a consistent feel. 

The WP XACT shock has also undergone a touch up, with new low-friction linkage seals designed to offer a more refined response in the rear end.

The 2021 Husqvarna TC range includes: 
Husqvarna TC 250 
Husqvarna TC 150
Husqvarna TC 125
Husqvarna TC 85 (BW/SW)
Husqvarna TC 65 
Husqvarna TC 50
Husqvarna TC 50 Mini

Husqvarna's extensive two-stroke range caters for the little groms getting started in the sport, through to the experienced veterans who have a love for pre-mix. The fleet of TC models remains mostly the same for 2021, with just a selection updates filtering through the range. 

The full-sized TC two-strokes get the same suspension updates as their four-stroke counterparts, while the TC 85 comes fitted with a new roller actuated throttle assembly for smoother throttle motion and improved durability and brand-new Formula brakes and clutch. The TC 65 and TC 50 get new Neken handlebars for improved ergonomics.

2021 Husqvarna FE & TE range:
Undergoing an overhaul and introduced as a new generation range in 2020, Husqvarna's 2021 enduro line-up returns with its ever-popular platform receiving minimal updates aside from a fresh new-look graphics kit.

The Husqvarna FE range includes: 
Husqvarna FE 501
Husqvarna FE 450
Husqvarna FE 350
Husqvarna FE 250

Both the FE and TE off-road bikes come fitted with WP XPLOR forks and WP XACT shock, while the frame is made up of chromium-molybdenum steel, progressive bodywork and innovative two-piece carbon composite subframe to provide superior rider comfort.

The Husqvarna TE range includes: 
Husqvarna TE 300i
Husqvarna TE 250i
Husqvarna TE 150i

Husqvarna's revolutionary fuel-inject two-stroke enduro range returns as leaders in the category, the line-up benefiting from an electric starter and strong brakes and suspension package. 

Both the motocross and enduro ranges are due to arrive in Australian from October 2020.

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