Keep Your Cool Racing MX During the Hot Season

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Any rider from around Australia will agree that we're blessed with warm and sunny days that produce the best riding conditions all year round, but this can be a double-edged sword though as our summers' can serve up some soaring temperatures!

Riding in extreme or high heat causes dehydration and fatigue which can often attribute to a higher rate of accidents, the key is to stay hydrated and keep yourself as cool as you can on and off the track.

Although protective gear is a must, the added heat a rider has to deal with from wearing it can be a deterrent, and fortunately some brands have designed a range of gear to maximise ventilation and airflow to lower your temperature on the bike, while ensuring you remain protected. Below are some specially designed motocross gear and a few tips on keeping cool at the track that we have learnt over the years:

Ventilated helmets:

To keep cool, the body must dissipate heat. Under normal circumstances, a high percentage of heat will disperse through the top of your head, but as soon as you put on a helmet, you restrict your body’s ability to cool down.

To address the problem, manufacturers developed lightweight helmets with ventilation systems that funnel air through channels in the outer shells. These helmets allow the air to circulate and the heat to escape through the rear vents.

Track tip:

A trick to keeping your head cool at the track is to keep your helmet off for as long as you can before your race, while soaking your hair in water before putting your helmet on will also help keep your temperature lower for longer on track.

Vented gear sets:

Most riding gear manufacturers produce part of their range as an 'air' or 'vented' option. This gear is designed with maximum airflow in mind having a large number of perforated panels which allow increased airflow while you are on the bike.

This is a far safer option than not wearing all of your safety gear to stay cool, and a vented gear set is very reasonably priced, so if you're an Aussie who wants to ride this summer, you have run out of excuses not to have a set of vented gear in your motocross gear bag!

Track tip:

In between races a lot of riders want to socialise with their friends or watch the other races, and this is fine, but bear in mind the period in between races is your body’s time to recover. Try to minimise any time spent in the sun and even soak a towel in water and wear it around your neck - this is a quick tip used by many motocross riders on those warmer days at the track.

Some of the best ventilated motocross brands available at MXstore:

Hydration and nutrition:

This should begin the night before with a large high protein meal with some carbohydrates, something like steak and vegetables is a simple meal to prepare and will supply your body with energy to burn the next day. Start the morning with a good breakfast like bacon, eggs and toast for example, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water. You can supplement some of the minerals lost from sweating using products from brands like Endura Nutrition, PNG or Ryno Power.

Always carry a bottle of water with you to keep hydrating throughout the day, and also take a sports drink (not an energy drink!) which will help replenish some of the minerals you have been sweating out on the bike.

Although you may not feel like eating in extreme heat, your body will need the energy to burn so try to snack on smaller portions throughout the day. Foods like tinned tuna, fruit, nuts and even some lollies for a sugar boost can easily be packed beforehand to snack on throughout the day.

You could even fill up a Hydration Pack with water and carry it around with you while off the bike if you are riding MX. Having cold water on you all of the time will make you more likely to continue sipping on it throughout the day.

Some of the best hydration pack brands available at MXstore:

Other cooling products:

There are a number of other products which have been made with ventilation in mind. Manufacturers also provide padded undergarments, gloves, different protective pads and armour which are more ventilated than normal so keep this in mind while you are browsing for items at MXstore and if you are ever unsure please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for help.

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