At PNG, our mission is to provide the highest quality nutritional products to support you in reaching your pinnacle performance. PNG's Hydration Refined powder formula rapidly increases your water retention with a balance of electrolytes, and low sugar. PNG's Refuel Gel is a no-caffeine, easy to digest and great tasting source of simple carbohydrates that promotes naturally-produced energy for any activity.
Pinnacle Nutrition Group (“PNG”) is an ambitious group of individuals who share a passion for active living, sports and a healthy lifestyle. Through our personal shortcomings and achievements, our team longed for nutritional products that supported our passion, yet provided a trusted nutrition to reach our pinnacle performance. Understanding nutrition and supplements can be overwhelming, complicated and daunting, and we want to make it convenient, beneficial and simple for you.
Our founding team of dads, mums, professional athletes and enthusiasts face the same hurdles that you do. We did the research, tested countless ingredients and products, and partnered with progressive chemists to formulate the most natural, consumable and balanced formulas in the market. Providing an easy to digest, rich in nutrition and sustainability driven complete line of products just for you. We treat you like an elite athlete, by providing you with the quality you deserve.