Ballard's Complete Tool Bag

Buying Guides  |  2 July 2021

Ballard's Complete Tool Bag main image


MXstore is very excited to launch our new Ballard's product that we have been working on with Geoff Ballard for the last few years, the Ballard's complete tool bag with tools! Something we've noticed lacking in people’s set up at the track and trial, whether it be people who ride every weekend or people who are just starting in the sport, everyone needs a trusty dirt bike tool bag that has all the essential tools that you can just grab it and go!

You have people who take no tools or people that take big tool chests from home, then you have people that pack certain tools into a bag that always seem to forget the tool that they need. This is where the Ballard's Tool Bag does it all, it combines all the essential tools in one bag that is light and easy to carry, saving you having to raid the toolbox at home and forgetting to pack that ever so important tool! It also has room for other tools, sprays and whatever else you want to have ready to go.

If anyone is like us, we all have that friend who calls us in the morning to go for a ride last minute. So, instead of having to rush and grab all the tools needed and waste those precious moments that could have been spent riding you can grab your trusty Ballard's tool bag that is packed and ready to go. The kit is perfect to throw in your van, ute or trailer or even in the boot of a car and leave it in there for next time. Giving you peace of mind knowing you are prepared and have all the tools when something needs to be done.

We've put a lot of design into the bag going through many prototypes to make sure it is perfect. The reasoning behind this was to get everything to fit just right, we ended up with a 40-pocket bag to have spare pockets for people wanting to add to the kit or take that specific tool that they need. We have studied all the different bikes and have covered all the essential tools for most models. We quickly realised that if you have stuff on the bottom of the bag, it gets jammed up, so we designed a swinging panel to eliminate this issue. This is handy for larger tools or anything that you want to access quickly and easily. The bag also features end pockets that are designed to fit your sprays like chain lube, contact cleaner or anything else you might want to take.

What tools come in Ballard's dirt bike specific tool bag?

This tool kit is well catered and includes the following tools:

With $569.90 worth of value FOR JUST $349.95, it is a must to have for any dirt bike rider!

This is an extremely handy kit and we are sure you'll be very popular when your mates need some tools, so leave your existing tools at home and be the person who has an organized purpose-built kit, it will be one of the handiest things you've ever purchased.