Win 2017 Sponsorship With MXstore!

Competitions & Winners  |  15 February 2017

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2017 MXstore Sponsorship Competition


Terms and Conditions:

The promoter of the sponsorship competition is

  • You can vote every day, once a day (per IP address/ or per household)
  • MXstore staff and immediate family of staff members are not permitted to enter this promotion.
  • The competition is for Australian Residents only.
  • reserves the right to make any changes, or amendments to the competition, or the competitions terms and conditions, without notice.
  • In order to participate in the sponsorship competition each individual must enter via the correct competition pages.
  • Only 1 entry per rider.
  • A user can enter multiple riders and family members provided they race and compete competitively in local mx club days, state series competitions, national competitions or are an FMX rider competing or performing shows for a fee.
  • This competition is a test of skill.
  • The entrant with the most valid votes wins 1st Prize. The entrant with the second most valid votes wins 2nd Prize. The entrant with the third most valid votes wins 3rd Prize.
  • The image and short bio put forward by the contestant must be of the actual contestant and not fictional or copied from another rider or taken from any publication.
  • MXstore reserves the right to deny any person or individual from participating, either prior, or during the sponsorship competition should they feel the information uploaded to be false or incorrect.
  • MXstore reserves the right to void any competition entry if it is deemed the applicant does not meet the requirements of an MXstore ambassador.
  • Entries can be removed if that person is seen to defame or abuse other entries via online or in person.
  • The total prize value may vary for each winner depending on the model of the bike, or availability of certain products for particular bikes or for an individuals sizing.
  • Winners agree to represent all brands as they are intended by MXstore. Products are to be worn/ used as per the guidelines set by MXstore. Non agreence to this can result in the deal being terminated and payment for used items may be requested.
  • MXstore reserves the right to cancel the 12 mth deal if the rider is involved in any misconduct that may tarnish the mxstore brand and or the brand partners involved.
  • Winner must agree to use all product provided within the deal unless other wise stated or prior arrangement has been made with MXstore management.
  • Winner must abide by the regulations MXstore directors set for ambassador commitments, failure to do so will see the contract terminated if not corrected immediately.
  • The winner will only receive the product that has clearly been outlined by MXstore management and the brand partners. Other product requested can be purchased using their wholesale pricing account.
  • The wholesale account purchasing deal is for the winner only and if MXstore staff believe the winner is abusing the privilege for purchasing items for other parties the contract will be terminated and the full retail price of all product will be invoiced to the winner to be paid.
  • All wholesale account purchases will also attract a shipping fee for delivery if required.
  • Competition commences on 15/02/2017 and ends Midnight 05/03/2017
  • Winner Announced 07/03/2017