Until recent years, the ability to capture a glimpse of what it is like hanging off the back of your motorbike through a fast section of the motocross track or a tree lined trail was a far off fantasy. Not many people had a video camera that was either small enough or disposable enough to mount to your bike or body in some way to capture any footage that displayed what crazy terrain was being tackled. In the last decade or so though, developments and advancements in HD video and video recording technology saw the birth of the action camera market. These cameras were designed to be worn as motorcycle helmet cameras by being small in size, packing unreal video quality and being somewhat unbreakable. Cameras such as the GoPro Hero range became common in the motorcycling, biking, surfing and action sports world. 

All these cameras feature similar technologies and specifications, with such camera features as high definition video recording, bluetooth and Wifi built in, timelapse and slow motion. The most common question asked is what is the best motorcycle helmet camera? Many people have different opinions on what the best motorcycle camera is, but the one that stands out is the GoPro camera range. These cameras continue to offer constant improvements to their range, with the most recent GoPro Hero 8 Black taking over from the GoPro Hero 7 as the flagship model, offering built in image stabilization, Ultra HD capability, remote control and smartphone connectivity. With a solid battery life and easily changed over rechargeable batteries and fast chargers, a touch screen for getting your settings dialed and the largest range of helmet mounts, adhesive mounts and general mounts to make your wildest camera angles become a reality.