Whether you are out in the bush off road riding, or putting the miles on your dual sport machine on the road, having a speedometer on your dirt bike is one of two things: either very handy or a must have. For road use a speedo is a legal requirement and would have typically been equipped as OEM on your road legal motorbike. If you are participating in enduro riding and racing having a motorcycle speedometer is a handy add on, as typically they will also feature tachometer and odometer functions. Most modern units can even be equipped to motocross machines and utilize wireless speed sensors to eradicate unnecessary speedo cables. Here at Mxstore we stock a wide range of multi-function bike computers from Trail Tech that offer the features mentioned and much more. These typically universal motorcycle dashboard feature a backlight LCD display head unit to easily keep tabs on your speed, RPM, maximum speed and key information. Hour meter and trip meter functions help with logging wear and tear and scheduling your services. Whether you are riding a Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki or a European KTM or Husqvarna, these odometer speedometers make a great addition where you need to install one, or offer a drastic improvement over the stock offerings.