Dirt bikes are a product of innovative engineering and design built over decades of research and development. Manufacturers are always looking for an extra edge on their competition such as the plastics department. Dirt bike offroad plastics are used to cover the frame and the important engine components. They are also used to ensure the rider is not covered in their own roost from the rear wheel. The rear fender is used to stop rear wheels excessive roost from hitting the rider as well as a slight extension of the dirt bike seat to provide a better ergonomic feel to the motorcycle. Motocross and enduro racing machines all house a rear fender, front fender, side panels, number plates and fender kits to complete the dirt bike plastic set.

We offer a range of OEM replacement rear fenders for many models of KTM SX-F and EXC models, Husqvarna FC/TCand FE/TE, Honda CRF models, Kawasaki KXF models, Yamaha YZF and WRF models and Suzuki RMZ machinery. Aftermarket plastic manufacturers such as Polisport, Racetech, Acerbis, UFO Plastics and Cycra complete the lineup of options we have open for selection. Fender mudguards don't come with a fender bracket or any type of mounting kit, as they will be a direct replacement from the Standard plastics on the motorcycle and utilise the same bolts, washers and spacers as the original models.