Getting out and enjoying a ride with your motorcyclist buddies is one of the greatest things about owning a motorcycle. Constantly losing touch with your riding buddies, having to predetermine your route and stopping to wait to check on the slower members of your group are some of the more unfortunate things about riding with your mates. Nowadays thanks to the general technology developments and some very capable motorcycle intercom manufacturers, these vices can be avoided. One of these very capable communication system manufacturers is Sena.

Sena manufacture a range of Motorcyle Bluetooth Headsets, Mesh Network intercom headsets and a stack of accessories. Bluetooth communication has developed to be one of the most common type of connection for multiple technology pieces, seen and used everyday in your smart phone, headphones, speakers and home computers. Motorcycle Bluetooth communication systems have become the most common type of on bike communication, between both rider and pillion, as well as those on other bikes. Most Bluetooth intercoms and Bluetooth headsets allow for decent unit to unit communication, and ability to sync with multiple close by bluetooth devices, such as mobile phones and handlebar remote controls. The motorcycle bluetooth intercom systems are a very capable group intercom, but for optimum long range service, the Sena 30K Mesh models should be at the top of most riders wish lists. They utilize both Bluetooth and newer Mesh technology to offer the longest range available.

As well as a range of low profile motorcycle Bluetooth headsets, Sena also offer a range of accessories to make your time on the bike as enjoyable and distraction free as possible. Their helmet clamp kits ensure that the headset stays affixed to your motorcycle helmet through any and all riding conditions, stereo headsets and boom microphones to ensure the best noise control.