USWE are a Swedish trail pack manufacturer, built on a heritage of off road motorcycling and mountain biking. After growing tired of the available hydration packs on the market, these MTB and enduro fans equipped themselves with an old Husqvarna sewing machine and a wish list of features, the guys set out on creating a hydration backpack that let them concentrate on what was in front of their handlebars, and not what was going on behind them. 

Today USWE packs have come to be represented in the dirt bike, running, winter sports and mountain bike realms. Their mantra of 'No Dancing Monkey' when it comes to how their packs perform in the roughest of conditions has seen them develop some of the smartest harness technology in their shoulder straps to ensure that the pack moves as you move. The same real world testing and experience that brought about the first USWE offerings has continued through the current hydration bladders, bite valves and hydration systems that feature in the current range of USWE hydration packs. They have been a wide and varied range featuring different bladder capacities and main compartment sizes - from the hydration oriented Vertical and Outlander 1.5L offerings, up to the 3 Litre USWE Airborne 9 and Patriot models.