What began as a single helmet design and a big dream, M2R has come a long way since its inception back in 1992. Strong ties to pro level racers around the world has seen that helmet range grow to over 40+ models, from easily affordable options right up to the more premium M2R X4.5 Helmets, one of the finest pro level helmets that won't blow out your budget we've ever seen. Unlike most other helmet brands in the industry, M2R is 100% Australian born and bred, and the savings on importing and distributing products that would impact on other brands are passed straight on to you. The end result; epic helmet options at much cheaper prices than their overseas competitors. With names like Ezra Lusk, Travis Pastrana, Grant Langston and Brett Metcalf having all flown the M2R flag at some stage through their career, it's easy to see that M2R means business when it comes to the helmet game.

Helmet brands need more than just a premium helmet offering, and M2R covers this area as well as any other brand in the market. With a wide range of colours and full size range available, the M2R EXO Helmets hold up the other end of the spectrum like a champ. A huge range of features that you'd be hard pressed to find in helmets at a similar price range, the EXO range is one of the best selling helmet lines we've ever seen. As with all Australian brands, here at MXstore we are pumped to jump on board the M2R bandwagon and support yet another of our epic Aussie brands taking on the world. No matter what your price range, check out the M2R helmets available here at MXstore and let your Aussie pride shine through!