Stompgrip is a new product for us that provides that extra grip that you may be needed on your dirtbike. Whatever you may call them, traction pads, grip tape or grip pads are used to give you more grip on your specific bike and also provide a layer of protection for your plastics or graphics kit.  Stompgrip offers an all-purpose sheet that can be cut to fit anywhere and also their bike-specific option which offers fitment for most KTMHusqvarnaYamahaHondaKawasaki, and Suzuki. This stick and grip design are very similar to something you may see on street bikes as they usually use this type of product as a tank protector for tank grip on the faster sportbikes.

This product will definitely be big in off-road and enduro as when the conditions are muddy and the bike starts to get slippery racers will be looking for every once of grip they can get their hands on. Motocross racers also use this product as it helps reduce wear on new plastics and also allows you to grip more with your legs, therefore reducing some arm pump.  

If you have any other questions about our Stompgrip traction pads please contact our friendly Customer Service Team and they will be happy to assist you with any enquiries you may have!